About the Company

Transit Electronics Ltd is a small company, and was first established in 1991, providing specialist electronic design services, as well as PC based software tools. For over the next 15 years, Transit Electronics has provided these services and also Embedded Software development to several large clients as well as some small companies. After a hiatus of a few years, in 2012 the company was then re-established with the view to providing similar services to industry but with more focus on research, innovation and IP, and has immediately began work with two new clients. The company is now looking to expand with new clients seeking similar innovative and cost effective solutions.

About the Director
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Anthony Wood BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a love for Physics, started his career working for GEC Telecommunications Ltd in 1984 - 1987 in developing the first semiconductor crosspoint exchange. Then took up a position as Lecturer at South Tyneside College 1988 - 1989. Then in 1990 started supplying design services for switch mode power supplies to GEC Industrial Controls and in 1991 Transit Electronics was first founded. From 1993-1994 was Senior Engineer at NEI Rolls Royce, designing DC/AC 60KW inverters as well as motorway messaging systems and in 1994-1995 was to co-partner a new startup business Paperless Systems for automated document management systems. From 1994-1995 software maintenance services were provided to AT&T for low level comms drivers under OS/2 and NT. From 1998 to 1999 embedded software design services were provided to Rolls Royce Control Systems for design of a 70KW DC/AC inverter using low-level DSP techniques and RTOS. From 1999-2000 hardware and software services were provided to two smaller clients including high speed video processing using a DSP quad processor, hardware designs and PIC controllers. From 2000-2001 software services were provided to Marconi Data Systems for some low level drivers and high speed data comms protocols. Later in 2001 services were provided to GEC Alstom to reverse engineer a legacy project and produce the documentation to allow it to become a maintained product. In 2002 software services were provided to Aker Kvaerner to extend and test the management of a subsea oil-well control system to the extra well heads. From 2002-2004 was a design engineer at Vianet designing software solutions for data handling in telemetry systems. This was a full time role and Transit Electronics was therefore made moribund, and eventually ceased to trade. From 2005-2009 became principle engineer for an aerospace project at Turbo Power Systems to DO178B standards (Level B), as technical lead engineer for safety critical software processes. From 2009-2013 was senior engineer for Tridonic, designing emergency lighting systems in a high volume manufacturing facility, where cost and reliability of the products require real innovation.

Now back at the helm of the re-established Transit Electronics, working with two small similarly innovative clients Power Electronics Ltd and DesignRevel, is now looking to supply more clients requiring innovative research and design work.




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